Walt Disney Signature Collection

As I have mentioned before with a post earlier last year, we are starting to have the new roll out of Disney movies coming from the vault. These movies in particular are being called the Walt Disney Collection movies.

As of right now, we have only gotten three movies announced. Two have been released currently: Beauty and the Beast and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. At the end of this month we are getting Pinocchio.

Now, seeing these two movies so far, it is yet again another attempt at the Disney Company to receive revenue from these old movies that are released back again. The question we now wonder is, why would we want those movies out again?!

Personally, I was always good about getting movies only if I didn’t own them already, but I am coming to a point in this particular collection where I want them again. For example, I recently got the Beauty and the Beast version that just came out. I have owned the movie obviously numerous times over the years. What is it this time that makes it different?

The historian in me wants it. I am a lover of history and that is my degree. But looking at the special feature options, not just the movie fascinated me. The fact that Walt Disney wanted to do Beauty and the Beast ( a post that will come later) fascinates me.

I hope that the DVD’s that continue to come out from this collection help us understand more of the history of the company without needing to read a number of books and can help us amateur Disney historians learn more and more about the mind of the creator of this empire, as well as learn about the people who helped make the magic for us all.


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