Dreams and Goals for 2017

As we enter into the New Year and I am half way through the first month, I started realizing what things I really wanted to do this year in terms of things professionally. Yes, we all have the dreams and such, but I am thinking of what I’ve always wanted to accomplish, and what I am interested in.

Thinking about the inner entrepreneur in me, I want to create a podcast. I have listened to so many throughout the years. I used to listen to them religiously, specifically the WDW Radio show when I was growing up and waiting for the bus when I would go to high school. I would dream of being able to bring and discuss Disney the way I always wanted to.

It’s in early development (aka in my head) but I want to be able to launch it or at least make real feats toward it this year. I want co-hosts and all that such. So, I am looking more into it.

I have another dream, and it is still in the cards maybe. Despite me loving teaching, I would love to work for Guest Services or doing the tours for Disney. I have had the honor of almost being hired twice and I’ve been offered the job twice, but never have I been able to actually do it. I would love to be able to work for the company I love so much, and hopefully make the amount I am now. It is a dream and I hope it comes true this year.

Please support me in this dream and maybe one day I’ll get to do it!


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