Hidden Gems: Animation Building

Whenever people come to the Disneyland Resort in California, there is always some reservation about it’s second theme park, Disney’s California Adventure (DCA).

Even as a young passholder, I never saw the appeal of this park, until their reboot of the park in 2011 with the addition of Buena Vista Street, rethemeing of Grizzly Peak, and the addition of Cars Land. In this though, has been the original building in Hollywood Land, and in that land is a building I loved since going to the park’s opening in 2001.

The Animation building is perhaps one of the more interesting buildings in the parks and is fun when it comes to children and adults a like to enter. Though there has been some alterations since this year, the building has remained a place where one can appreciate the art and beauty of the animated world that Disney has created.

You have the main floor which has many couches for you to sit on as you gaze along the different movies that are in Disney. They only show the animated movies, but you can see things spanning from as early as Cinderella to as late as Frozen. They even have additions of the Pixar movies as well. When looking at the various screens they show you the concept art, as well as the various stills of the movie.

There is the Animation Academy. This is one of the more popular things that can be done in the building where each half hour there is a different Disney character you can draw. Spanning from drawing Mickey Mouse, Jack Skellington, Perry the Platypus, Olaf, etc. It is an experience that is different each time you go!

You also have Turtle Talk with Crush. This has been updated to add the Finding Dory people as well, but you can ask questions to Crush, and each time you go is different for each group gets different answers. It is a fun experience for the whole family!

The recent addition of Elsa and Anna has given you the meeting hall where you can meet these characters. It isn’t as well known due to the fact that it’s hidden in the building, so if you want to meet them, there are easier to meet in the Disneyland Resort!

Finally, one of the favorite sections is the Sorcerer’s Workshop. There, you can draw your own animation sketch, go into the Beast’s Library and find out which Disney Character you are. It doesn’t exist anymore, you used to be able to go to Ursula’s Grotto where you could do scenes or sing a Disney scene and you would get your voice put into the characters.

As you can see, this whole section of DCA is a treasure and to experience it, you can cap it all off with going to the Off the Page store where you can buy artwork, sculptures, and books from the different films.


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