Compliment Cards

Not many people know about the ability to praise those who work for the Disneyland Resort. Granted, upon doing research, it is said that the Disney employees rarely get them, if we have more of an influx, perhaps more will reach these employees.

One of the systems in place at the Disneyland Resort at least, though I am sure it is done throughout all the parks, if a Cast Member does an exceptional job in your eyes you are able to go and leave a compliment card for them at the ‘Town Hall’ of each of the park.

In each Disney park there is a Guest Relations Headquarters. Though I am not sure if you can do a compliment card at the various guest relations carts found around the parks, you can definitely go to City Hall in Disneyland or Chamber of Commerce in Disney’s California Adventure.

Things to remember when going to get the compliment card. Remember the person’s name. You can’t leave the card without the person’s name. Two, you need to remember the attraction they were on. Third, the time in which this happened, otherwise it might be delivered to the wrong person. There may be more than one person working with the same name at that attraction.

Though it might seem tedious, it is especially important to tell these Cast Members how much their work has effected you in a positive way. Even in Disneyland, many are ready to jump on complaining, but telling people the positives helps them and makes them feel better.

I encourage you to go and let Cast Members know they are doing a great job as they deal with many people on a daily basis, many of which get angry very easily in amusement park places.

Thank you to all the Cast Members for all that you do in the parks!

*Photo from Disneyland Website


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