Snacks at the Disneyland Resort

I recently was listening to a podcast, DisExplorers, they were talking about their favorite snacks at their parks, both Walt Disney World and Disneyland. So, I thought it would be fun for me to list my top three snacks that you can get at the Disneyland Resort and where to get them! They are in no particular order of which I think is better. So, without further ado, let’s get our stomachs ready for some snacks!

  1. Churro Bites – I am not one hundred percent sure if they use the dips I am about to mention anymore, but if you head over to Cars Land in Disney’s California Adventure at the Cozy Cones, one of the stands sells churro bites. Not just any churro bites mind you. These churro bites come with a dipping sauce. The dipping sauce is a hot chocolate sauce, though I am not sure the brand of it. So delicious
  2. Garlic Knot – Heading over to Disneyland, this snack can be found in Fantasy Faire, at Maurice’s Treats Cart. The knot is made of three options. You can get the garlic knot, the chocolate knot, or the strawberry knot. I prefer the savory knot, but those are your three options which are to die for. They are big enough to share with someone, but I recommend just eating yourself. Live your life!
  3. Cream Cheese Pretzel – This snack can be found in various places in the resort, but the two known places I know myself is the it’s a small world plaza and in Paradise Pier by the Jumpin’ Jellyfish attraction. Both are quick service or a cart where you can get the pretzel. The pretzel is shaped just like a regular shaped soft pretzel, but is filled with cream cheese which tastes just like the Cinnabon filling you would get in their churros or on their cinnamon rolls.

There you have it! My top three snacks at the Disneyland Resort! Feel free to leave a comment telling me and others what your favorite snack is!

*Pic Found From Google


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