Live Action Mulan

Along with other news about the live actions movies coming from the Walt Disney Studios, there have been some news about the one about our warrior princess.

Mulan, which is based off the Chinese legend, has been the topic of controversy since it’s original 2D released in 1998. Many condemning Mulan for saying that she didn’t need a love interest, that she never returned home, that it portrayed the Chinese culture in a negative light.

Now, in the live action version, the worries of the communities seeing this movie have been that there would be Caucasians playing a Chinese legend movie. Even at some point changing General Shang to being a European man, or at least someone who was Caucasian playing the role.

Now, it has been announced that Mulan, the live action movie, will be cast by only Asians. This also goes with having a woman direct the film, which isn’t heard of in the Disney Studios, giving credit and opportunities not seen, but definitely is a long time coming.

The movie is set to be released in 2018!


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