Mary Poppins Casting

Keeping on with my trend of talking about the casting of the upcoming live action films, the latest in casting news we have of the new Mary Poppins film.

All we have from so far about the film is that Mary Poppins is getting a sequel after the film’s release over 60 years ago. The film has talked about who has been set to be in the film and we have Emily Blunt who will be taking on this iconic role originated by Dame Julie Andrews.

We have also gotten that Lin Manuel Miranda, the creator of Broadway’s latest hit, “Hamilton” has been added to play a role similar to that of Dick Van Dyke’s Burt.

We have also have word that Dick Van Dyke will be making an appearance in the film as well.

The newest of who has been added to the cast is Angela Lansbury. She has been added to play ‘Balloon Lady’ who has been said to be a beloved character in the Travers novels.

No word yet if Julie Andrews will be making any appearance in the film, though it would seem unlikely since the actress suffered from a throat injury which has stopped the legendary actress from singing.

The news of Angela Lansbury has many excited due to the fact that she is a Disney legend being in two Disney films in her lifetime. She played Ms. Price in ‘Bedknobs and Broomsticks’ and Mrs. Potts in the Academy Award Winning ‘Beauty and the Beast’.

Mary Poppins Returns is set to come out 2018 on Christmas Day.


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