Reasons to Go To Aulani

I have never had the privilege to go to Disney’s Aulani, but it is one of my goals in life to be able to go. I follow many people on Instagram who have been able to go to this amazing place, and I have many reasons to go to this amazing island in the Pacific. Let’s go over my top 3 reasons, for someone who hasn’t gone, why you should see/go to Aulani.

1. Food: Let’s be honest. Everyone needs food, and everyone wants good food. We all know Disney offers spectacular dining service, so the question is, why go? The food there is spectacular. You have everything that someone could enjoy on the mainland, but you also have the food of the Polynesian Islands to look at and experience as well!

2. The Culture: Despite the fact that it is a Disney Resort, you are also staying on an island in a different place in the world. Many go to Hawaii for that specific culture. We only have been able to see glimpses in movies from Disney like Moana and Lilo & Stitch, so it is a new opportunity to see the islands in a new way.

3. The Characters: From all I’ve seen the Disney characters, much like the ones you see in the parks are up and walking around. They are also themed to the environment. You have Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, all shown up in their Hawaiian and Polynesian get ups, but you also have characters that are specific to the environment as well. You have Stitch whose movie takes place in Hawaii. You also have the newly added Moana who is up and around because of her being the Polynesian Princess.

There you have it! My reasons for seeing the Aulani Resort, from someone who hasn’t even been there!



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