Top 5 Underrated Disney Films

I like to pride myself on the fact that I have so many of the Disney films, but I have not seen them all. This includes from the DisneyToons studios as well. Many of us only think of the big movies like “Lion King”, “Sleeping Beauty”, or “Frozen”, but there are so many other Disney films that haven’t and don’t get the recognition they deserve.

So! Here are my top five Disney films that I feel are underrated and need recognition in no particular order:

  1. The Three Caballeros: An earlier Disney film, this is the sequel to the Saludos Amigos film that was made where Donald Duck was given his own movie. In this movie, we get to learn the cultures of Brazil and Mexico through music, dances, and even some of the stories that the animators heard. This film is perfect for those trying to understand Latin American and Central American cultures. This movie stars Donald Duck and his friends Jose and Panchito.
  2. Planes/Planes: Fire and Rescue: Alright they are two films wrapped in one, but they are worth watching. These movies weren’t considered all that great in terms of being a Disney film, but based off the world created by the Cars franchise, the first film follows Dusty Crophopper who dreams of becoming a airplane racer. The second movie is more important in my eyes. The second film pays tribute to firefighters and shows how people should actually appreciate and learn about the world of firefighters. I love this film and how it sheds light on the civil servants that exist in the United States and those with jobs similar to firefighters in other countries.
  3. Valiant: Another of the 53 (or is it 54 now?) films that is in Disney’s archives, this film follows the underdog pigeon Valiant who wants to be a messenger pigeon in WWII. This movie may not have the best animation, but the story of the underdog who was able to save England and deliver the message that allows them to win WWII is a story which is true to the war effort. Much like how Harry Potter uses owls, the pigeons were used to deliver messages to the Allies during this time.
  4. Robin Hood: Despite being a semi-classic, this movie is one of the older movies that are important to the Disney history. Taking a page from their ‘classic fairytales’ the movie follows the story of the man who stole from the rich to feed the poor. This movie is still interesting and a fun adventure of what European feudal life was like, especially during the Crusades. It is another good watch.
  5. Atlantis: The Lost Empire: This is another of the films which is one of my favorites. I love Atlantis, and so do many others, but they did not do well money wise. I love this movie due to the fact that it has so much diversity, it deals with how people need to treat indigenous people, and it is just all around an interesting movie on culture and magic. I remember going to the Disneyland windows and seeing it set up for the Atlantis set up. It made me so excited for the film and the window was perfect.


So there you go! Those are my top five! If you have any that you think should be on the list comment below!


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